Lewis Matheney, Head of LimVista Public Relations

Lewis Matheney was the creator and facilitator of ASAP in the late 90s.
ASAP, started in New York City, stood for Artists Supporting Artists' Priorities.
ASAP was born out of what Matheney saw as a lack of structure for artists seeking commercial success.
Long before the advent of social networking,
Matheney utilized grassroots tactics to give publicity to work by fellow artists.

Matheney and ASAP organization members honed their writing and graphic design skills
to produce top-notch press releases, eye-catching promotional images, and developed the art of networking
utilizing creativity and originality in every aspect of public relations and publicity.

LimVista has furthered those ideals and has secured a high profile for its many clients
by way of that same creativity and originality, and a relentless energy
that matches the level seen at the inception of ASAP all those years ago.

LimVista is located in the heart of New York City's Chelsea/Gallery District a few steps from The Highline.